Monday, 3 October 2011

Champions League (Week 1 & 2)

As mentioned earlier, I had promised to make a bi-weekly report about the Champions League. This is it.

Six teams participated and only three were allowed to qualify. Not fair. All six teams must have been given equal opportunity.
But real pity was felt when Auckland Aces missed out. Both their games were tight ones which needed good finishers. Auckland, didn't quite have the potential but their bowling was excellent. Ruhunu and Leicestershire were also shown the 'No Parking' sign. The teams that eventually qualified are: KKR, T&T and of course Somerset.

Opening Ceremony
Opening ceremonies in sports, help in many ways. Firstly, they make sport seem less sillier that it actually is. And secondly, they are fun to be at (mainly for the star-spotting). This year, Hip-Hop giants around the world came and showed their talent of being unable to rhyme.
"Even my two year old brother is better than you, Take That!"
 Those were the words said by my Hair-dresser's mother-in-law's elder sister's grandson's gardener's driver's cousin's 9 year old son. Lots of people agree with him. He wants to become a fuel-filler at the petrol bunk which is regularly visited by Sreesanth. Once, when he was asked why, he said that it would be entertaining.
Star performances from Jay Sean, Ludacris and Flo Rida were cheered by the crowd at Palace Grounds (Bengaluru) in the most undesirable manner.

The Real Things
There it came, the Champions League, like a rampaging rhinoceros, waiting to plunder every spectator by boring them to death and then killing them by sucking air out of their ears and turning them into stone. They have their own weird ways, don't they?
RCB, have lost AB de Villiars. Blame can be taken by a broken finger. Now their position is at the bottom of the table. It is nice to see CSK at the bottom on their table.
Mumbai and Kolkota seem to be the two worthy Indian team which will qualify.
Of the foreign teams, Cobra, NSW and Warriors look good. But wait, how can there be five semi-finalists? Lets kick out Cobras.

I mean, there has to be some catch to it. Maybe they are really fighting. There was even a super over.

In the mean time, Gambhir has returned. Which is a good reason for me to conclude this post.

In and around the world, people like Shoaib Akhtar have written a book. In your face, Al-Qaeda! You thought that would never happen, didn't you. It couldn't happen. But now it did and we all have to face it, whether we like it or not. He accuses Sachin of being scared of facing his bowling. Ridiculous! Can God ever be scared? Of coarse not!
Shahid Afridi agrees by saying that he saw Tendulkar's legs tremble while fielding at square leg. Does he get paid for staring at people's legs and making mental notes about its estimated diameter, circumference and whether or not it was trembling? Hopefully not.
 The Indian squad for the upcoming England home series has been announced and Bhajji has been dropped. Woohoo!

Even More Extra
On Saturday, (Oct 1, 2011 AD) I had been to the M Chinnaswamy Stadium to see a match where not a single ball was bowled. South Australia v Somerset CCC. I was in by 4 for the 4 o' clock match and it had already started raining. It rained continuously until 6:30 and the match was called off. So, I went home, thinking that there wouldn't be any more action. Oops! Later that evening, KKR beat warriors by 22 runs. I COULD HAVE BEEN THERE!

Bye! Do comment.

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