PPCQ Guide

PPCQ: The Post Post cricket Quiz is an Interactive Reputed Online Cricket Quiz which has lots of great prizes. It will be there in most of the posts of this widely acclaimed cricket blog.

Rules and Regulations:
  • Each contestant must have a piece of white paper and a world-widely-accepted writing instrument. These may include pens, pencils, markers, sketch pens, chalk and feathers dipped partially in ink. These are not allowed: your nose (if running), invisible ink, dice, a cricket bat, a scribe (even if blind), an empty water bottle or your new TV remote.
  • You have to hire/buy/arrange your own stop clock and time keeper.
  • The time given for each question (though there is only one question) is: As long as you like!
  • You have to be in a good mood and not be sulky/depressed when you enter and at all other times during the quiz. (Even if you got the Answer wrong.
  • And I forgot to close the bracket.) There, all done.