Friday, 9 September 2011

India Injured XI

The England v India series cannot be called a delight by an average Indian cricket fan, because they have been losing every single match played till now. (I have written this before the 3rd ODI at The Oval, and you can't be too sure of  India emerging triumphant.) The only one to blame is definitely Jonathan Trott. Reason: It's obvious that he is the one to blame for anything in the universe that goes wrong. Even The Chuck-Fleetwood Smiths would agree.

Moving on, we cannot ignore the fact that some of key players are injured. Ok, not some, lots. In fact, we can make an entire team of Injured player from the Eng v India 2011 tour. Here it is.

Virendar Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir: India's best ever opening pair. Best, at getting injured. Sehwag has been suffering since the IPL and Gautam got a blow on his head, while attempting a catch.
Sachin Tendulkar: I mentioned him in my last blog, and I'm mentioning it again. He's on a hat-trick! He's also on a diet to cure himself of toe-swelling.
Rohit Sharma again misses a golden opportunity for playing for his country by breaking his finger. He will fly back saying that he went to England to defend the ball. Just once.
Yuvraj Singh has hit the jackpot with some injury which I fail to remember.
MS Dhoni (C)(WK) just bit his tongue and is declared unfit for the next 30 seconds.
Chateshwar Pujara handily avoids the trouble of visiting England by going to the hospital for a surgery.
Harbhajan Singh has stretched his upper abdomen a bit and want's to see his mommy back in Punjab.
Zaheer Khan asked his astrologer how he would fare at Lord's. The astrologer, without the slightest of clues, insisted that Zac must return to India before Day 4 of the Lord's Test. Or else he would be killed. Zaheer niftily faked a Hamstring and returned home.
Ishant Sharma: the tips of his hair got injured. And probably his arm.
Ashish Nehra took a brave decision, by deciding to get injured, prior to the tour. Intelligent foresight.\

What a well equipped team it looks, doesn't it?

In the meantime, a brand new league called  Z Premier League (ZPL) has been started and I am their Exclusive press person. No match will be telecast and no news channel/paper will it feature in. All of this because they want to show N Srinivasan, what 'Low Budget' actually means. So, as I am their representative, the Eight Teams who will be playing for the ultimate prize - which is a donut.

  1. South Sudanian Sledgehammers (SSS)
  2. Peruvian Polo-snatchers (PPS)
  3. Mighty XI Qatar (MXIQ)
  4. Western Warlocks (WW)
  5. Martian Octopuses (MO)
  6. Cashew-nut Cannibals (CNC)
  7. Tibetian Jack Screws (TJS)          and
  8. Victorious Misers (VM)
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