Friday, 12 August 2011

Speaking of Vaseline... are some other cricketing diseases that may be ranked next to the overshadowed-by-Ian-Bell-run-out Laxman-Broad-Vaughan Vaseline controversy.

  1. Ravi Shastri helmet incident: Well, not many know of this. (Probably not even Shastri himself. Ravi Shastri was caught going toward the crease, wearing his helmet reverse. i.e. The grill portion was behind him and his eyes were blocked. In the same match, he hit 6-sixes and the helmet story was overshadowed. He allegedly hit those sixes, wearing the helmet as described. Please do not over-rule the fact that his wingspan was greater than the circumference of the boundary line. Big guy.
  2. Dennis Lillee and his aluminium bat: We all know about that...No need for explanation.
  3. Damien Martyn and his banned haircut: Good times. Well, this guy got a funny haircut and the ICC banned it. Maybe next in the line should be Malinga. No wait - his ludacris hair is a necessity for tormenting the batsman.
  4. Alvin Kallicharan and his stuffed duckling: This was not a real duckling. It was a stuffed doll. He once put it in his pocket as a superstition and it looked like his thigh had swollen and he was forced to retire hurt. Then he revealed that it was a stuffed toy and had to abandon such ideas for the rest of his career*.
  5. Pun out!: Michael Beer was once dismissed pun out (not run out) because of his last name.
The bracket opened in point 1. has not been closed yet. ) Now it has.
*- Career here means Test Career. This is because AK used a stuffed duck in his highly successful bungee-jumping-instructor career. The duck acted as AK's only student and thus AK had a 100% success rate in this career.


Slightly different format. There will be 2 questions and the correct options when put together will give rise to two letters which form the initials of a famous Test Cricketer.

1. Which of the following equipment is NOT used while playing cricket:
                    (a) A bat
                    (b) A helmet
                    (c) A super elastic wrist band
                    (d) A pillow.

2. In the four cricketers listed below, who is a fast bowler:
                    (a) Sunny Gavaskar
                    (b) Dale Steyn
                    (c) Pope Gregory the XI
                    (d) Lionel Messi

If you have guessed the correct answer which is (d) and (b), you have won yourself an opportunity to guess the player who has those initials. So with the initials D & B, make a famous test player's name.
So, if you guessed Don Bradman - you got it WRONG.
David Boon - Throw yourself in a gutter.
Doggie Bollinger - You're mad.
The right answer is:
Dennis Brookes. The star English batsman has played 1 test in which he scored a magnificent 17 in both innings combined. Beat that!!

Bye bye! 


  1. Well....that's indeed funny I don't think your aware of me hitting 6 fours in an over using a plastic bat!!!!!!!!!That too in my front yard were two cars were parked my tri-cycle was the wicket.......I wasn't takenin the BCCI for the only lame reason that i was 3 and that my dad thought i would be distracted from my studies!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I did not mention you for the simple reason that you did not pay me. All the above cricketers paid me to mention their name.