Saturday, 16 July 2011

Reasons for India winning against West Indies. And Episode #1 of PPCQ.

Reasons why India won the tour against West Indies:
  • They had a good team.
  • They deserved winning.
  • They are the No.1 in Test cricket.
  • West Indies did not  have a good team.
  • The year was not 1975 when the West Indian pace attack was much better than what it is now.
  • Sachin Tendulkar did not score a century.
  • Darren Sammy was the WI Captain.
  • MSD was India's Captain.
  • Ravi Rampaul did not fulfill Sir Gary Sobers' prophecy of Rampaul becoming the greatest test bowler of all time.*
  • The Umpires were in our favour.
  • The commentators' list did not include Ravi Shastri's name. He allegedly opted out of the tour. This is clearly club over country. Talk about Chris Gayle.
  • The crew of officials who went to the Caribbean included an Astrologer.
  • A mad rampaging rogue elephant did not invade the pitch when India was fielding.
Ah, that concludes the first part of the post.

* - Citation Required

The second and last part contains a reputed interactive online cricket quiz which has lots of prizes!
Welcome to the inaugural episode of: THE POST POST CRICKET QUIZ! (PPCQ)

Rules and Regulations:
  • Each contestant must have a piece of white paper and a world-widely-accepted writing instrument. These may include pens, pencils, markers, sketch pens, chalk and feathers dipped partially in ink. These are not allowed: your nose (if running), invisible ink, dice, a cricket bat, a scribe (even if blind), an empty water bottle or your new TV remote.
  • You have to hire/buy/arrange your own stop clock and time keeper.
  • The time given for each question (though there is only one question) is: As long as you like!
  • You have to be in a good mood and not be sulky/depressed when you enter and at all other times during the quiz. (Even if you got the Answer wrong.
  • And I forgot to close the bracket.) There, all done.
Here comes the question folks:

Q) Which of the the following was the place which the first ever world cup game between England and India held?
HINT: Yes, It was the one where Sunil Gavaskar cleared the ropes and thrashed the English bowlers with an EXPLOSIVE innings of 36 (not out) of 174 balls

Ans)        Is it:
  1. M. Chinnaswami Stadium.
  2. Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG).
  3. Old Trafford.
  4. Pallekele. (If properly spelt)
  5. Karachi
  6. Sharjah.
  7. Lord's.
  8. Kingsmead Durban.
  9. All of the above.
  10. None of the above.
Now time for fellow contestants to jot down their preferred answer. If you are a contestant, please read on only after you have completed filling in the answer.
Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, the time you have all been waiting for, the answer discussion session!

For the question stated above the correct answer was:

   7.   Lord's.

Congratulations to all those contestants (if any) if you have got it right. You have won yourself a pat on your back! Hope you enjoyed your prize!

That's it for today and I hope to see you next time on: THE POST POST CRICKET QUIZ!


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