Saturday, 16 July 2011

Preview of Eng vs. Ind. Part One of a Unology.

Good Morning/Noon/Afternoon/Evening/Night to all my dear viewers. Today I'll be kind enough to:

  • Discuss the upcoming India-England series.
  • Bring to you the second episode of PPCQ
Apart from these, the matters that I will not be discussing in this post are:

  • The recent Mumbai Bomb blasts.
  • How to teach your pet rhinoceros to skateboard.
  • The current condition of the Archbishop of Canterbury.
  • The latest advances in the field of Bungee Jumping
Sorry folks, all those, not here.

Now lets get straight to the topic: India vs. England Sorry, I keep getting my priorities wrong, It's England vs. India. Donkeys last, well, I meant Host first. The greatest event since the dawn of the England-India series. Now we don't know who could possibly this one, but it's still anyone's game. (Anyone as in only England and India)(And maybe former South Africa)(And not anyone else)(Which may include Sri Lanka, Namibia, Ukraine or Cambodia)(And I am over-explaining myself).

Yes, there is lots of news. First and foremost, Virender Sehwag will be missing the first few test matches which means that

  • England will have the upper hand (Well, they already do because the average height of English player is greater than that of the Indian players which means that their hands will be above the Indians and therefore will have the 'upper hand')
  • India will miss the upper cut.
Also, there might be a slight problem arising if I say that Jack Hobbs and Ian Botham will not be available for the India vs Former SA India vs. England series due to age old problems of aging old.

There is also the issue of Sachin Whatsoeverkar admittedly confessing that he is not thinking about his 100th ton. Any amateur detective can deduce that this means that he will be making his hundred in style at Lord's in the first Test.

And as far as DRS goes, I'm not the one you have to uproach. You see, the BCCI keeps changing their views about DRS as often as Kamran Akmal changes his gloves. Well, very often. So I have made a solemn pledge that I will not follow the developments in DRS for ETERNITY. May the court of law sue me if I don't abide by my decision.

That concludes the first half of my post.

Now for the second part,


For the compete guide of the PPCQ and the rules and regulations, click here.

Today's Question:

Which two South African test batsmen have the record for the second highest partnership for the First wicket?
HINT: They both play/played for England.


  1. Cook & Strauss
  2. Strauss & Trescothick
  3. Cook & Trescothick
  4. Grace & Hutton
  5. Hobbs & Rhodes
  6. Boycott & Gooch
  7. Atherton & Tavare
  8. Vaughan & Butcher
  9. All of the Above
  10. None of the Above.



That's It, Time's Up!

And the right answer is:

     5.  Hobbs & Rhodes.

And if you have answered it right, you have won yourself a black and white portrait of Mona Lisa. To claim your prize, call the anonymous Toll free number: 1800-MONA-LISA.

That's all for today!



  1. Incredibly hilarious! This blog might be the most humorous thing you have done yet!